Friday, July 4, 2008

A Summer Day's Thoughts on Prague Spring

Being the Fourth of July, it seems particulary appropriate to mention a few updates on my earlier post,

A few YouTube videos I'd linked to have been removed, no great loss, since there were several to choose from anyway. But...

A couple of more videos have been put up for music off Streetnoise, one hardly qualifying as a "video", but the other, is quite different. The creator put some effort into matching up some news footage of the time with "Czechoslovakia", documenting a 'loss of independence day'. I thought this was important enough to call attention to it in this seperate blog notice, to call attention for a few minutes today to the memory of Alexander Dubcek. He might not be another Milton Friedman or Ludwig von Mises, but he figured out a few decades before Mikhail Gorbachev that 'the system' was not working. For this he belongs in the international pantheon of freedom lovers, along with Jefferson, Adams, Franklin etc.

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