Monday, April 23, 2012


I'm taking a break from the series on PDF handling,
for a bit, while reviving my blog.
Originally, I was going to post to thank Google for re-enabling support for Lynx some time back.
I'd noticed being able to log in with Lynx again after apparent Google
spokespersons had posted in various lists that they had gone through
their services and thrashed out various accessability/usability
But when I tried to log in tonight to actually post,
it had all evaporated.
No matter what obstructions Google places in the way of my posting,
the browser is only a tool to get to the point of running vi
to enter the actual content.
Maybe they will go back and clean up these obstructions
to browser choice. There is nothing intrinsicly graphical or
javascript necessary to edit a blog post, so maybe this will change.
I will be checking into submitting via e-mail to get past this.
d.e.l. 2012 Apr. 23
All that was last night.
Now, I'm posting with Lynx no problem, but there is a warning that
the old interface will be gone by the end of the month.
I'll see what happens. I'm not trying to bad mouth Google,
they are trying to balance somewhat conflicting goals,
but I'm confident they will find a way.
d.e.l. 2012 Apr. 23